What can you burn in Gautier?  

Firewood, propane, natural gas, charcoal, natural vegetation yard debris.

    What are approved burning appliances?

Fire Pits 4’x4’, fire rings, burn barrels, fireplaces, BBQ grills, and BBQ smokers.

    What material is not allowed to burn?

Manufactured materials include plastics, clothing, furniture, household trash, lumber, building material, mattresses, and other manufactured goods.

    If I decide to burn, what must I do to prepare to burn?

First, notify the Gautier Fire Department of what you are burning, your location, and contact information. Make sure your fire will be far away from any structure, and ensure someone is always attending to the fire while active. Ensure you have a water source that can put the fire out if you are done or it gets out of control.

•    Can contractors burn in Gautier?  

No, you will have to haul off your waste. If you have any questions, we refer you to the planning department.

    What does a burn ban mean?  

A burn ban means no outdoor burning of ANY KIND.


    Does the Fire Department fill pools?  

No, we do not. Please get in touch with the Public Works Department at 228-497-2276.

Smoke Detectors

    The smoke detector program is no longer active.

The fire department does not have smoke detectors to install. If the smoke detector program becomes active in the future, we will update the status here.

Fire Inspections

    When do I need a fire inspection?  

When you have passed all the planning/code enforcement inspections, all exit signs, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers are in place and ready for business. Please review the Fire Department’s pre-inspection checklist. Please schedule the Fire inspection after you have completed it and the requirements are met.

    Once I pass my initial inspection, how often do I need to be inspected? 

You will need an annual general fire safety inspection.

    What are you looking for when you come for the annual inspection? 

We are looking at everything you found in the pre-inspection checklist when you first applied for your Business License.

    What if the state requires my business to have a bi-annual inspection? 

Yes, we will come to do the bi-annual inspection, as well. Once we are notified that you will require a bi-annual inspection, we will schedule a future inspection on a 6-month basis.

Fire Extinguisher

    Do you install fire extinguishers?  

We do not. Please refer to one of the local extinguisher companies.

    Do you recommend a company that installs extinguishers?  

We do not have a preference for one or the other. 

    How often does the Fire Department inspect extinguishers?  

We come out annually to do a fire safety inspection to help keep our businesses within fire codes and safe for all.

    How often do I need to inspect my extinguishers?  

You will need a monthly visual inspection to ensure the hose is free of dirt daubers, the gauge is green, and the pin and tamper seal is in place. You may want to put a second tag that shows where you have done your monthly inspections.

    How often do I need my extinguisher serviced?  

You will need them serviced annually. Most extinguisher companies will set up an annual service for a fee to help you keep current with the fire codes.

Fire Reports

    Can I get a fire report for my insurance company?  

Yes, you may. Please call Central Fire Station and request a report. Most reports will be available within 48 hours. A report may not be available for incidents under investigation until investigations are complete.

    Are there any fees for getting a report?  

At this time, there are no fees associated with receiving reports.

    What information should I provide to receive a report?  

Please provide who is receiving the report and the incident’s date, time, and location.

Station Tours and Education Presentations

    Do you give a fire safety presentation for schools?  

Yes, we do. Please call Central Fire Station to make an appointment. 

    Do you give Fire Truck or Station tours?  

Yes, we do. Please call Central Fire Station to make an appointment at 228-497-1656.

Car Lockouts

    Will the Fire Department unlock my car?  

At this time, we do not provide this service. Please call the Police Department or a locksmith.