Human Resources

The City of Gautier's Human Resources Department provides human resource management and oversight to city departments and employees by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of city and employee goals.

It is responsible for properly balancing the needs of the employees and the city by ensuring a diverse workforce in a safe and harassment-free environment, providing training and development in areas of need, overseeing employee recruitment and retention, creating and enforcing policies and procedures, administering benefit programs, administering the city insurance policies and risk management programs, employee relations and wellness programs, labor relations, internal investigations and administering the city's civil service regulations in accordance with the Gautier Civil Service Commission.

The City of Gautier is an equal opportunity employer. Persons are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, veteran or handicapped status. The City of Gautier will attempt to meet any reasonable request for accommodation in the hiring process in accordance with Title II of the ADA.