Opening a Business

Do you want to build a business in Gautier? This page outlines the processes we have in place to ensure that your business is established efficiently and lawfully.

Zoning Requirements

First, you will need to refer to our zone map to see if your new adventure is in the proper zone. This is often the first hiccup in the process of starting a business. Our zone map is available for download and can be found here.


Once your zoning has been confirmed, you can fill out the New Business Application and submit it to receive temporary power. We allow temporary power so that you can work on constructing/cleaning your business.

State Permit Requirements

State permits vary depending on the type of business. Restaurants, gas stations, and any store selling regulated goods (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis) must have approval from various state departments. Regardless of the type of business, you must contact the Mississippi Department of Revenue to receive your Employee Identification Number and your State Sales Tax Identification Number. Failure to do so will delay the process of opening your new business.


To open a restaurant, the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) must perform an inspection prior to obtaining your new business permit from the City. Likewise, to serve any alcoholic beverage, the Mississippi Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (MSABC) must issue a liquor license to you prior to obtaining your new business license.

Gas Stations

Gas stations will need to provide a license from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce (MDAC). Like restaurants, gas stations that will serve food or alcoholic beverages must receive the proper licensure from the MSDH and the MSABC. Gas stations that will be selling tobacco items of any kind will need to supply a license from the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR). 

Cannabis Related Businesses

Gautier does allow cannabis facilities within the city limits, as long as the business is in an industrial zone. To utilize an existing building in a non-industrial zone, you must go before the Gautier Planning Commission and apply for a Conditional Use Permit. Please email Babs Logan at to inquire about conditional use permits. For information regarding the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of cannabis in Mississippi, please visit MDOR's website.


To open a new business in Gautier, you must pass two inspections from City officials. The Planning and Building Department will perform a general building inspection to ensure your business passes all City code requirements. This first inspection will provide you with a power release for temporary power. The Gautier Fire Department must also perform a fire inspection to determine maximum occupancy and to confirm adherence to the fire code. A second building inspection will be performed at the time of the fire inspection. Upon failure of the "final" inspection, a re-inspection fee of $26.00 will be applied.

Apply for your Privilege License

Once you have completed your inspections and validated the proper permits, you may submit your privilege license application to the City Clerk's Office. The City Clerk's Office will receive a notification of completion from the Planning and Building Department and issue your privilege license.

*Home Occupations*

Home occupations are unique in nature because they do not require inspections. There is a separate home occupation application available here. This application has its own set of criteria, which can be found on the form.