City Manager

Gautier City Hall and Veterans Tribute TowerWelcome to the young and growing City of Gautier, which we like to call Nature's Playground.

As the City Manager, I'm responsible for ensuring that the City maintains services, programs, and facilities to meet the needs of our budding community.

Our City operates under a council-manager form of government, which means the Mayor and City Council make all of the policy decisions. It's my job to carry out those decisions, oversee City Hall's daily operations, and provide vision for the City and leadership for our team.

On a daily basis, I work to address the needs of residents in the community, while also focusing on public safety, infrastructure, public engagement, and economic development.

My City employees and I are all focused on enhancing the quality of life in Gautier, and we take great pride in providing our residents and visitors with excellent customer service. Our programs are built with residents in mind, and we strive to be supportive and appreciative of our business community.

Whether you're a resident, visitor, or business employee, I hope you will take the time to enjoy all that Gautier has to offer.

Thanks for visiting, and get out there and explore Nature's Playground!

Paula Yancey
City Manager