Department Organization

Dante Elbin

Patrol and Training Division

The Patrol Division and Training Division are supervised by Captain Vincent Nicholson. The Patrol Division is comprised of four rotating shifts consisting of five officers each. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant and Sergeant. Each officer is assigned to one of  the four beats which the city is divided into. The continuous training and education of the Gautier Police Department is also under the command and organization of Captain Vincent Nicholson.

Administration and Traffic Division

The Administration Division and Traffic Division are both supervised by Captain Danny Selover. Captain Danny Selover is responsible for Day to Day Operations and oversees the Records Clerk. The Traffic Division is comprised of six Officers which operate four motorcycles and two automobiles. The division is supervised by Captain Selover and then by Sergeant Mark Rodriguez. These Officers work various duty hours covering six school zones, special details and enforcing traffic laws throughout the city.

Criminal Investigations and Crime Prevention Division

The Criminal Investigations Division and Crime Prevention Division are supervised by Captain Jerry Cooksey. The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of seven investigators. These investigators are supervised by the Captain, and then Lieutenant Scott Wilson and Sergeant Danny Patrick. Each investigator is assigned to either the six person investigations unit, or the Narcotics Task Force. The Crime Prevention Division is also supervised by Captain Jerry Cooksey. Crime Prevention Officer Tonya Fowler oversees the Neighborhood Watch programs for the City and she is also the Head Advisor for the Police Explorers Youth Program for the City of Gautier.

Drug Interdiction:

The city’s drug interdiction officer is Officer Jeff Jensen. Officer Jensen is responsible for pro-active drug enforcement and fugitive tracking.

 Reserve Officers:

The Gautier Police Department Reserve Officer program is under the supervision of Commander Tony Best. The program is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn police officers. Reserve officers receive the same training as full-time officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations.