Neighborhood Watch

How to start a Neighborhood Watch:

If you would like the Gautier Police Department to assist in setting up a Neighborhood Watch program in your area, call the number listed below or send us an email.

A packet containing the necessary materials will be brought to you so you may familiarize yourself with the program. Then we can choose a place and time and schedule a meeting.

A powerpoint presentation will be shown at the meeting followed by a question and answer forum. During this time, citizens can discuss concerns, ideas and solutions for preventing and reporting crimes in your neighborhood. If available, a Watch Coordinator will be appointed along with any volunteer Block Captains.

“Watch Patrols” may be conducted by volunteer citizens but only in a safe manner as not to put the watchers in harms way.

Once a Neighborhood Watch program is established in your area, metal “watch” signs will be posted in various locations.

These meetings should be conducted every 6 – 8 weeks to keep citizens informed of any current crime trends.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your area, please contact:

Officer Matt Hoggatt 228-497-8011

or email:


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Officers on Patrol…

  • may not know the neighborhood and its activities as well as those who live there.

  • cannot be everywhere all of the time.
  • may not notice something or someone as being suspicious.
  • stand out in police cars which makes it difficult to catch someone “in the act”.

Watchers should never…

  •  confront or question subjects
  • attempt to stop or detain subjects
  • put themselves in a dangerous situation

Ways you can help by being a watch member…

  • reporting possible crimes in progress
  • reporting and documenting suspicious activity
  • looking out for neighbors that are out of town
  • looking out for neighbors who are elderly, handicapped or alone

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