Fire Department

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Fire Chief Robert Jones


The mission of the Gautier Fire Department is to provide protection of life, property, and environment for all citizens of our Fire District regardless of social status, race, or national origin.

This mission shall be accomplished through sound Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, Fire Suppression Programs, and Rescue Operations.

The Gautier Fire Department will also provide emergency medical aid as requested by the contracted medical provider.

Gautier Fire Department Information

The Gautier Fire Department has 27 full-time fire fighters, 3 Captains,6 Lieutenants, one Fire Chief, one Fire Marshall and one Administrative Assistant. Fire personnel rotate three shifts by being on duty for 24 hours and off duty for 48 hours.

There are 3 fire stations in Gautier, each serving a section of the City. The locations are as follows:

Central Station – 2502 College Circle Map It

North Fire Station (Martin Bluff Station) – 7510 Martin Bluff Road Map It

South Fire Station (Willie Ladnier Station) – 1905 Ladnier Road Map It

The Gautier Fire Department is trained in the following:

  • Technical Rescue & Extraction
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Dive Rescue Team
  • Fire Inspections
  • Code Enforcement & Plans Review
  • Fire Investigations

Citizen Services include:

  • CPR Certification Classes
  • Fire Prevention Classes to the following: Schools, Church Groups, Daycare, Nursing Homes and Neighborhood Associations.


The Gautier Fire department originally was established in February of 1989. There were two stations in the City and one volunteer station in the Utility District. The Central Station, located on College Circle next to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College housed two paid Firefighter and a Shift supervisor. The Fire Station on Ladnier Road housed a Lieutenant and a firefighter and the Utility district contracted a firefighter at the North Station for 24 hours to assist the volunteer department. The original department began with 12 firefighters, 3 Lieutenants and 3 Captains and the original Fire Chief Ernie Brimbacombe.

In 2003, after the Annexation of the Utility District, many changes came about in the Fire Department. The North Station on Martin Bluff road was manned with 2 firefighters and a Lieutenant. The Central Station was manned with 3 Firefighters and a Captain and the South Station was manned with a Firefighter and a Lieutenant. The Cities fire rating was changed from a 7 to a 6 on June 11, 2002. The Department had grown from its origin to 18 Firefighters, 6 Lieutenants and 3 Captains, an Administrative Assistant, and a Fire Marshal under the Leadership of Chief Mike Gray.

Today, under the guidance of Chief Robert Jones, the department is looking to the future with an addition of a fourth station in the West part of the City in the works. The department is working together with the City Management to meet the needs of our citizens to provide the best of Fire and Rescue services to our citizens. The line and staff in the department are striving to provide the most up to date means of Fire protection and Rescue and continue to work with surrounding agencies to serve our citizens.