Neighborhood Services Division

The mission of the Neighborhood Services Division is to facilitate a city-wide effort to promote the “livability” of Gautier neighborhoods by creating partnerships between neighbors, the City and other state-wide resources.

The Neighborhood Services Division is managed by Patty Huffman, Grants and Projects Manager. The Division operates within the Economic Development Department and works closely with all city departments.

Contact: Patty Huffman for more information

by email or phone (228)497-1878 ext 317

Neighborhoods Services Goals

  • Facilitate cooperation between residents, apartment owners, schools, businesses, religious organizations, non-profit agencies and City departments to improve and strengthen neighborhoods.
  • Provide a “single point of contact” to assist residents in resolving neighborhood issues.
  • Encourage residents to initiate neighborhood improvement projects and programs which stimulate further involvement in Gautier’s neighborhoods.
  • Available to neighborhood-based organizations including registered neighborhood and homeowner associations, and other neighborhood groups.
  • Geared to neighborhood-specific projects to motivate neighborhood residents to take on projects that will improve the neighborhood and community at large.
  • Foster leadership within neighborhoods.
  • Provide information and resources to residents, helping them become effective problem solvers.
  • Encourage residents to become involved in the decision-making process.

Enhancing the “Quality of Life” in Neighborhoods

Enhancing our neighborhoods is a priority of the City of Gautier. Gautier’s neighborhoods are unique, ranging from waterfront estates to masterplanned bungalows, from homes that are “historic” built during the 19th century, to those constructed through the final years of the 20th century and today. Gautier’s neighborhoods are the fabric of the community and as such, are a critical asset for the City to protect, enhance and serve.

Neighborhood Services facilitates the City’s interdepartmental efforts to improve the quality of life in Gautier neighborhoods by:

Serving as a “Single Point of Contact” For Gautier Residents

Neighborhood Services serves as a “single point of contact” for residents needing assistance from the City of Gautier. When residents are unsure of what city department can assist them with a particular neighborhood need, Neighborhood Services serves in an “ombudsman” role to ensure residents are connected with the correct city department.

Helping Neighborhoods Become Better Places To Live

Code Enforcement operates to protect the integrity and value of neighborhoods by bringing neglected and deteriorating properties into proper care and maintenance. To report a nuisance property or concern, contact Clint Creel , Code Enforcement Officer, at 228-497-1878 or email . The Economic Development & Planning Department also handles animal control issues and enforces ordinances regulating the keeping of animals within the city.

Contact: Patty Huffman for more information

by email or phone (228)497-1878 ext 317