Finance Department

Teresa L. Montgomery Comptroller/Finance

Teresa L. Montgomery

Mission Statement

The Accounting Division is responsible for preparing, forecasting, analyzing, recording, summarizing, and reporting financial transactions to the public and private sectors.  Finance develops administrative and accounting policies and procedures for city-wide use.  In addition, the Division insures the integrity of the City’s accounting system.

This division includes three sections that provide the following services:

Accounts Payable

Responsibilities include processing all vendor payments for the City once the contractual obligations have been fulfilled and the vendor payments have been approved and processed by the originating city department. 

General Ledger

Responsibilities include preparation of the City’s annual audit.


Responsibilities include processing semi-monthly payroll checks.


budget white paper FY 2013

budget white paper 2014

budget white paper FY 2015

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Annual Budget Presentation FY2016

Budget 2016 – 2017